Serve with Liberty

Serve With Liberty

Helping people live safer, more secure lives

Serve With Liberty

Spreading love for a better life


Liberty Insurance Vietnam committed to our corporate philosophy “helping people live safer, more secure lives”, social responsibility has always been an integral part of our value. Over the past years, Liberty Insurance Vietnam dedicated to made contributions in sustainable development and charity. These activities are the realization of Liberty's values, which are "People First" and "Responsible Act". 


“Serve with Liberty” is the Liberty Mutual Insurance’s annual global employee community service program. Over the years, more than 25,000 Liberty Mutual employees completed over 2,000 projects on behalf of 900 charities in 21 countries throughout the world!


By keeping our commitment to the community and implementing “Our Values” and “Responsible Act", the Serve with Liberty and Give with Liberty programs look forward to supporting and spreading love to people who need help and let them know they are not alone. At Liberty Insurance Vietnam, we believe that it is important to be engaged in the community work as a way of demonstrating our Corporate Responsibility and hope to deliver a responsible and benevolent message to the community in which we live and work. Liberty sincerely thanks everyone for your great contribution to our program for the community.

Key Highlights
SWL 2023

Serve With Liberty 2023

      1. Tan Minh Secondary School for Ethnic Minorities (Hoa Binh):

The school has more than 230 students who are children of ethnic minorities, of which more than 140 children are from very poor families who cannot afford to send them to school. In this project, Liberty's volunteer team supported:

  • Provide 120-bed mattresses and 300 warm clothes
  • Provide 230 learning kits
  • Nutritious lunch for the whole school and gifts for all children

      2. The Orphans Institute & Bo De Phuong Duy 1st, 2nd and 3rd Primary Schools (Long An):

This is the place where more than 160 children who are orphaned by one parent, or orphaned by both, are raised. Liberty's volunteer team came here to cook and support the children as follows:

  • 5 nutritious meals for 160 children
  • File cabinet and 8 bookshelves for the school's new library room and 160 pillows
  • Essentials for daily living and antibiotics and tonics

These activities demonstrate Liberty's consistent commitment to giving back to the communities. And this year's program has brought orphans and poor children with support both materially and spiritually.

Serve with Liberty 2021

Serve With Liberty 2021

Liberty Mutual’s commitment is to give back to the communities where we work and live. In keeping true to “Our Values” to help and support our communities, we will continue participating in Give with Liberty. Giving is not just about a donation, it is about making a differenceWe realize Liberty's values ​​in life and that doesn't just stop at words, but also with concrete actions. Here are the community activities in 2021:

  • Feeding Children Project in Tua Chua, Dien Bien: feeding 40 children in 2021-2022 school year, along with a support of 2 million VND in facilities. The local Department of Education will inform school and children when starting the new school year.
  • Building semi-boarding room Project in Dak Smar, Gia Lai: The aid amount from Liberty is 57,200,000 VND. This project with a total estimated budget of VND 666,000,000 from socialization capital with 6 semi-boarding rooms and 4 toilets. The project started on June 19, 2021 and was completed in September 2021 with the supervision of the school.
  • Support the "Feeding children" charity program

Feeding children project with comprehensively supporting children for meals with meat, clean water, books, warm clothes, schools, boarding rooms, Feeding Children and 2000 Power projects together create the best possible environment for children to continue their studying, changing their future. More information at and

Serve with Liberty 2020

Serve With Liberty 2020

  • Supporting people in the Central region affected by storms and floods in December 2020

Area: Phuoc Kim Town, Phuoc Thanh, Phuoc Son District, Quang Nam Province

This mountainous area was heavily affected by storm, especially the Phuoc Thanh commune suffered a serious landslide, causing the commune isolated for more than a month. Due to the complicated area and prolonged rain, the support plan was carefully prepared and had to change twice to ensure the safety of the team.

  • Gifts to patients in the Children's Hospital 2 - Ho Chi Minh City, June 19, 2020

Supporting 300 meals, hospital fee for 35 patients, gifts to pediatric patients and their families.

  • Gifts to patients in the National Children's Hospital - Hanoi, June 18, 2020

Supporting meals for one week for 15 patients, hospital fee for 10 patients, gifts to pediatric patients and their families.

Serve with Liberty 2019

Serve With Liberty 2019

  • Social activities at Binh Trieu primary school, Ho Chi Minh City on May 17, 2019

Liberty sponsored the school with 5 reading corners with more than 1,300 books with diverse content, suitable for primary school age and providing scholarships to pupils to overcome difficulties for a better studying.

  • Social activities at Minh Tri primary school, Hanoi on May 21, 2019

Liberty offers pupils of second grade with 100 Protec helmet, 5 scholarships for poor pupils and books for the school's library so that they have an additional place to live and learn.

Serve With Liberty 2018

Serve With Liberty 2018

  • Planting trees in Can Gio and visiting Long Hoa orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City

The tree planting program was a special one with the message "One year of planting, three years of caring, ten years of growing". And the land where we will plant trees will become "Liberty's green space" and in next year or next few years, when coming back, we will be proud of that it is the result of ourselves and our families.

- Planting 300 trees in protection forest in Can Gio

- Visiting Long Hoa orphanage where raising 90 orphans

  • Social activities at the National Children's Hospital, Hanoi on May 17, 2018

Blood donation and cash and financial support from the contributions of Liberty employees and the company.