Liberty AutoCare

Liberty AutoCare is a comprehensive auto insurance product with a wide coverage to give you peace of mind. Get insurance quotes for all types of cars with a fast online purchase journey and simple self inspection using mobile devices. Also, access towing service up to 4 million VND/year and free 24/7 rescue support.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage

Coverage for all risks including collisions, fire, explosion; force majeure disasters caused by nature; theft, robbery; malicious act, and more.

Free 24/7 rescue support

Free 24/7 rescue

Get free towing up to 4 million VND/year and 24/7 roadside support for accidents, tire explosions, out of gas, and more.

bảo hiểm thủy kích

Hydrolocked engine coverage

Coverage for vehicle material damage due to waterlogging to give customers peace of mind when driving in the rainy season

garage sửa chữa

Garages with national standards

To be repaired at nationwide standard car garages when the insured car is damaged

Self-inspection process

Simple Self-inspection process

Customers can inspect your vehicles from home or get support quickly through new features and continual improvements.

hỗ trợ bồi thường

Transparent claim process

With Hotline Onecall 1800 599 998 Liberty Customer Service Center will support and guide customers immediately.

We have got your needs covered

Coverage Basic Executive Premier
Deductible 1.000.000 VND 500.000 VND 500.000 VND
Total Damage
Partial Damage
Total Theft
Roadside Assistance
Hydrolocked engine coverage
Garage of Choice  
Non-depreciation for parts replacement  
Partial Theft    

Common questions about car insurance

1. How to get Liberty auto insurance quote?

Liberty Insurance now provides a quick and convenient auto insurance quote through the following ways:
- Get a quotation online at
- Leave contact information in the registration form, a Liberty insurance consultant will call back shortly
- Call us at Hotline Onecall 1800 599 998 (toll-free) during working hours for quotations (Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM)

2. How does Liberty Insurance calculate my premium?

Call us at Hotline Onecall 1800 599 998 (toll-free) for the advice on insurance premiums. Insurance premiums are calculated based on many factors such as:
- Vehicle and driver information
- Age of the driver
- Place to live
- Compensation history
- Coverage, and deductible

3. When a damage occurs, what do I need to do?

When there is a damage happen with your car, please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Call 115 if there are injured victims
Step 2: Call Hotline Onecall 1800 599 998 (toll-free) for support by our customer service representatives
Step 3: ICall 113 if there is traffic accidents, theft, break-in, robbery, vandalism or malicious behavior
Step 4: Take necessary measures to minimize loss and damage
Step 5: Cooperate with the Liberty’s adjuster who will be sent to the scene to conduct assessment and guide you through the process

4. What is Liberty AutoCare Claims Process?

Step 1: Report the loss to Liberty's Call Center via Onecall 1800 599 998 and follow the instructions. Select the garage to repair the vehicle
Step 2: Assess the damage at the selected repair shop and provide the necessary documents at Liberty's request. The garage will provide an estimation
Step 3: Confirm for the garage to repair following Liberty’s approval and wait for the garage’s repair. You will pay for the deductible and depreciation, if any
Read the detailed compensation process at: