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Claim for Group CancerCash

Group CancerCash Claim Process

Each claim is different, let us guide you through your claim:


Inform Liberty

  • To notify Liberty in writing within 90 days from the first day of treatment of the Insured occurrence for which the claim is made
  • Failure to notify the insured event with time limit as required will result in penalty on the percentage1 of total claim value
  • Notifying of the insured event from 91st day to 180th day: 10%
  • Notifying of the insured event from 181st day to 270th day: 20%
  • Notifying of the insured event from 271st to 365th day: 30%

Percentage of total claim value

Inform Liberty

File your claim

  • Fill in the Claim Form and mail all relevant documents2 to Liberty Claims Department at 18th floor, Vincom Office Building 45A Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • The original copy of medical records
  • Medical reports
  • Test result: radiographic, biopsy, cytology, tissue pathology results
  • Surgical, chemotherapy, radiotherapy certificates
  • The prescriptions
  • Supporting Invoices and receipts
  • Death certificate and Certified legal inheritance confirmation 

Required documents

File your claim


  • Upon receiving the completed set of documents, claims will be processed within maximum of 15 working days which is eligible as required in the claim procedure of the policy wording
  • Any claim made by the Insured for the incurred actual expenses shall be reimbursed in Vietnam Dong subject to the prevailing regulations of Vietnamese government
  • In case parent or tutor received reimbursement for the Insured under 18-year-old, the receiver shall provide the document that proves the relationship between him and the Insured such as: the copy of residence registration book or birth certificate; or other documents subject to the prevailing regulations of law