Embrace today, confidently pursue tomorrow.

Our History

Embrace today, confidently pursue tomorrow.


Liberty FamilyCare Family Health Insurance

In Jun 2021, Liberty launched health insurance for families (FamilyCare), ensuring financial stability and a secure future for all Vietnamese families.


Liberty win IDG award 2021

Liberty won two Financial Service Awards 2021, an annual award hosted by IDG International Data Group in the Vietnam Financial Services Forum framework in the corporation with Vietnam Association Securities Business (VASB) in financial, securities and insurance industry. The awards aim to identify and honor financial, security and insurance services providers with outstanding performance and contributions to the financial, security and insurance industry and Vietnam economy growth.

  • Non-life Insurance Company with Outstanding Innovative Products and Services - Comprehensive Car Insurance Package
  • Non-life Insurance Company with The Best Customer Digital Experience


Liberty top 10 reputable non-life insurance companies in Vietnam 2020

Continued to be honored as one of 10 reputable non-life insurance businesses of Vietnam market, the third year from 2018.


Liberty online car purchasing platform

In Oct 2020, Liberty was proud to be the first insurer to launch a 100% online auto insurance purchasing platform in Vietnam.

It takes about 7-10 minutes to complete the online transaction, including automatic quotation, secured online payment and e-certificate issuance. Customers can buy car insurance anywhere and anytime.


Liberty hotline *1122 Starcall

In Dec 2020, Liberty use a new star hotline *1122 together with the current 1800599998, improving the customer service quality.


Liberty top 10 reputable non-life insurance companies in Vietnam 2019

Continued to be honoured as one of 10 reputable non-life insurance companies of Vietnam in 2019 by Vietnam Report.




Liberty Can Tho Office

Opening Can Tho office in Dec 2019, providing better insurance products for customers in Mekong delta.



Liberty Insurance top 10 reputable non-life insurance companies Vietnam 2018

According to the Vietnam Joint Stock Company Assessment Report (Vietnam Report), Liberty is honoured as one of Vietnam's ten reputable non-life insurance companies in 2018.


Liberty Online Insurance

Liberty Insurance took a pioneering role in developing and applying modern Insurtech for a better customer experience a long time ago. Since 2010, Liberty was the first insurer in Vietnam to provide a complete online purchasing platform that customers can easily apply for online insurance.


Liberty offered international standard product for Vietnamese

From Jan 2008, Liberty Insurance granted full access to customers in Vietnam, including vehicle insurance. Inheriting from the group's expertise, Liberty Insurance Vietnam brought international standard products to the Vietnamese.


Liberty Insurance started selling to foreign enterprises in Vietnam in 2007

Liberty Insurance started selling to foreign enterprises in Vietnam.




Liberty Insurance general insurer in Vietnam 2006

Liberty Insurance was officially awarded the investment license to operate as a 100% U.S. owned-general insurer in Vietnam. 




Văn phòng Liberty tại Hà Nội Liberty office in Hanoi

Liberty Mutual Insurance opened its first representative office in Hanoi, which marked its entrance into the Vietnamese market.


Liberty office in Hanoi

Hanoi, the charming capital with over 1000-year history, where one of the largest global insurance corporation put its first step in, strongly developed and contributed to Vietnam economy growth in years.