Medical Facility

Liberty’s Medical Evacuation Service is managed by Inter Partner Assistance Hong-Kong Ltd. It covers all Liberty’s medical insurance insured members of age below 70 years. Such Evacuation Cover will be discontinued automatically once the insured member ceases to be a covered member.

For Liberty Corporate Medical and Individual Medical Plan Insured Members, please call the 24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline (852) 2164 9898 for medical evacuation and emergency service.

For proMedico Group Medical Insurance and proMedico Individual Medical Insurance Members, please call the 24-hour Assist Hotline (852) 3723 3039 for cashless hospitalisation arrangement requests or medical evacuation and emergency services.


Medical Card Facility

Liberty’s Corporate Medical Schemes offer an all-in-one medical card for insured members. It combines the function of

  • Member coverage identification
  • Medical credit for Hospital and Outpatient visits
  • Medical emergency assistance & evacuation
  • Member hotline service

By presenting Liberty’s medical card to the appointed clinics or hospitals, our members can enjoy free Claim service. Both the insured employee and the Human Resources department of our Corporate Clients can be freed of the claim filing hassle.


Hospital Credit

Liberty’s Hospital card or Letter of Guarantee is accepted by all private hospitals in Hong Kong subject to employer's indemnity signed and minimum group annual premium HK$500,000.


Outpatient Credit

Liberty’s Outpatient medical card is accepted by over 3,100 network clinics

  • No. of Specialists (SP): Over 1,000
  • No. of General Practitioners (GP): Over 2,000
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