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Liberty Insurance’s appreciation ceremony for producers based in the South

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Thu, 06/08/2023 - 16:26

On June 8, 2023, our producers based in the South of Vietnam were invited to a get-together followed up by an appreciation ceremony. This was also an opportunity for the producers to meet up and catch up with Liberty Insurance Vietnam's latest updates and achievements.


Bảo hiểm Liberty và đại lý

Southern producers of Liberty Insurance were invited to an appreciation get-together after a lengthy period of remote working


Recognized contributions and celebrated accomplishments together


At Liberty Insurance, we see our producers as our key partners representing us and assisting our customers in receiving complete insurance to "embrace today, confidently pursue tomorrow". Following a lengthy period of remote working due to the epidemic, making it difficult to meet in person, we were delighted to hold this physical event where we honored the outstanding producers who made outstanding contributions. It also allowed us to speak together directly to better understand our producers' needs so that we could equip them with the necessary resources to better serve our customers


Liberty's commitment to long-term partnerships with agents


We also encouraged producers to share their success stories and experiences during the event. Ms. Uyen, one of our exceptional producers whose relationship with Liberty Insurance dates back to our initial days in Vietnam, shared one of her emotional experiences. Liberty Insurance was not only a partner, but also a close friend at work, assisting her in achieving professional success and providing assistance in her personal life. Her remarks reaffirmed Liberty's priority on developing and fostering long-term partnerships with our Vietnamese producers and partners.


BH Liberty gặp gỡ đại lý tháng 6/2023

Ms. Nga Tran, Head of Distribution, Liberty Insurance shared that the company was committed to a long-term, successful partnership with our producers


BH Liberty và đại lý tháng 6/2023

Ms. Tran, a long-term agent of Liberty shared that "Liberty Insurance is always in my heart!"


The appreciation event also provided an opportunity for producers to exchange skills and share their experiences, in order to aid Liberty's long-term expansion and develop a strong network of collaboration between Liberty and producers in the South. Other activities, such as a networking lunch and dinner, were hosted to help producers get to know one another and build a stronger network in order to better represent Liberty to our customers.


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