Visit Liberty's appointed Network Outpatient Clinics

Visit Liberty's appointed Network Outpatient Clinics

Applicable to EasyCare, Liberty Flex, Liberty Pro and Voluntary Employee Benefits Insurance


Inform Liberty

  • To notify Liberty in writing within 90 days from the first day of treatment of the Insured occurrence for which the claim is made

  • Failure to notify the insured event with time limit as required will result in penalty on the percentage1 of total claim value

  • Notifying of the insured event from 91st day to 180th day: 10%

  • Notifying of the insured event from 181st day to 270th day: 20%

  • Notifying of the insured event from 271st to 365th day: 30%

1Percentage of total claim value

Inform Liberty

File your claim

  • Fill in Claim form - CancerCash and mail all relevant documents2 to Liberty Claims Department at 18th floor, Vincom Office Building 45A Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

  • The original copy of medical records

  • Medical reports

  • Test result: radiographic, biopsy, cytology, tissue pathology results

  • Surgical, chemotherapy, radiotherapy certificates

  • The prescriptions

  • Supporting Invoices and receipts

  • Death certificate and Certified legal inheritance confirmation 

Required documents

File your claim


  • Upon receiving the completed set of documents, claims will be processed within maximum of 15 working days which is eligible as required in the claim procedure of the policy wording

  • Any claim made by the Insured for the incurred actual expenses shall be reimbursed in Vietnam Dong subject to the prevailing regulations of Vietnamese government

  • In case parent or tutor received reimbursement for the Insured under 18-year-old, the receiver shall provide the document that proves the relationship between him and the Insured such as: the copy of residence registration book or birth certificate; or other documents subject to the prevailing regulations of law