Retain your employees with total reward package


Cover any cause including suicide


Guaranteed Issue Limit will be offered to any group with 10+ employees


Sum Assured is available either in terms of monthly salary multiples e.g. 24 or 36 times or flat amount according to class of employee by ranking


Optional Benefit Cover

group life 700 x900

We've got your needs covered

Employees are the greatest assets of employers. Liberty’s Corporate Term Life insurance provides life insurance to protect employees’ families in case of employee’s passing away or suffering from critical illness. It adds real value to an employer’s total reward package to retain its employees. It can also serve as a compassionate benefit in case of death of a loyal employee.

Optional Benefit Cover

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance 

  • To provide an accelerated benefit to the covered employee if qualifies for the Definitions of Disability due to illness or accident. The benefit will be payable in lump sum payment or by 5 equal installments which will reduce the Life Insurance.

Accidental Death & Disablement Insurance

  • To provide additional benefit to the covered employee if suffers from loss of life or part of the body as a result of an accident. The benefit will be payable in one lump sum to the employee or the beneficiary of the employee.

Critical Illness Insurance

  • To provide an additional living benefit to the covered employee if one suffers from critical diseases. The benefit will be paid in one lump sum in addition to the Life Insurance without reducing the Life sum assured.