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Liberty CancerCa$h​​

100% sum insured reimbursement once as soon as diagnosis is completed​. Discount up to 15% when buying online.​​



Cancer treatment is a relentless journey, and a huge burden of finance and time. It’s also a mental crisis not only to patients but also their family.​​

As our desire to accompany cancer patients, to share with their financial burden, Liberty Insurance would like to introduce a special insurance product – Liberty CancerCash which may hopefully help customers be financially and mentally prepared for a qualified life despite such misfortune. Liberty CancerCash Insurance package offers preeminent benefits as followed:

- Coverage at any stage of cancer according to the insurance plan

- 100% sum insured reimbursement once as soon as diagnosis is completed, allowing financial initiative to carry out treatment on time.

- A budget insurance premium, simple and flexible payment method (once or periodically)

- Full insurance coverage is automatically renewed in every 5 years.

- Explicit, fast and fair claims procedure within 15 working days.

- 24/7 Customer Service Center hotline.png (toll free in Vietnam)



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