Using rear-view mirrors correctly

Using rear mirror correctly.jpg 

  1. ​You need to adjust all 3 rear-view mirrors to allow for the most expansive view, while minimizing any blind spots at the same time. Almost everybody adjusts the side mirrors so that they can view the sides of the car in the corner of the mirrors. However, by doing so, you would create a high number of blind spots because your view in the two mirrors will overlap. It is best if you adjust the mirrors to converge on a point further away. If all 3 rear-view mirrors are correctly adjusted, you will see the back-end of the car transition from the front rear-view mirror to either side mirrors with no break or overlap.
  2. Before driving you need to take a stroll around the car to ensure that there are no children or any obstacles about.
  3. Regularly inspect rear-view mirrors to yield to overtaking cars in a timely manner.
  4. Before changing lanes, you always need to look over your shoulder and not just glance in the rear-view mirrors as there may be other vehicles or pedestrians moving about in the car's blind spots.
  5. Only change lanes when the roads aren't crowded or when you can see the headlamps of the vehicle behind you in your rear-view mirror.