10 tips for new drivers

10 tips for new drivers.jpg

Upon first receiving your drivers' license, you are understandably excited, yet nervous at the same time. Your inexperience behind the wheel will likely lead to accidents more often than for more experienced drivers. Below are some tips for you.

  1. ​Familiarize yourself with all the equipment and controls in the car.
  2. Drive with an experienced driver to be further instructed on how to handle various situations.
  3. Adjust the seat and rear-view mirror before driving. Avoid sitting too close to the steering wheel as you will quickly cause discomfort for your back and feet.
  4. Always wear your seat-belt and ask that all passengers do the same before you start the car.
  5. Do not drive at night or during heavy downpour, until you have had enough experience and confidence to handle unexpected situations.
  6. Drive below the speed limit and use the correct lanes, and do not be perplexed when a car blasts its horn to overtake you. Only yield if you can easily move to the right lane.
  7. At intersections, beware of motorbikes following alongside to cut off your path.
  8. Focus on driving. Do not multitask by eating, drinking, or talking on the phone while you are driving.
  9. Be active in yielding the road to other drivers, but do not assume that others will yield to you.
  10. Always observe your surroundings and follow traffic signs.

We hope you have a safe drive.