You are simply driving along when a vehicle driving in the wrong direction cuts you off and slams into your car. You turn the steering wheel and slam the brakes but… crash! The two vehicles slam into one another. Instead of hastily getting out to tell the other driver off and argue, the following guide will help you to resolve the situation in a more appropriate manner. 
Automobile accidents are the leading cause of fatalities for children between the ages of 3 and 14. According to research by the United States’ Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the correct use of child safety seats and seat-belts would decrease the risk of fatality from car accidents by... 
You need to adjust all 3 rear-view mirrors to allow for the most expansive view, while minimizing any blind spots at the same time. 
Stolen automobiles are not very common a sight in Vietnam compared to other more developed countries; however, car part thieves are on the rise, particularly in the bigger cities. The advice below will help you to minimize this risk. 
Driving on highways is perhaps easier than driving in crowded areas amongst countless green lights, red lights and alleyways. However, the risk of a serious accident occurring is also much higher. The following advice will help you drive more safely. 
Everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink and drive. However, driving in a state of drowsiness is also a cause for many serious accidents. 
When in traffic, you may find yourself having to switch lanes to overtake another car, to avoid colliding into a stationary car, or to avoid the car ahead that is slowing down to make a turn. Below are the steps you should take when changing lanes. 
Choosing the appropriate sitting position not only helps you to improve visibility but also prevents you from becoming fatigued while driving, especially on long-distance drives. 
Movies sometimes feature a scene where a character gets in a car, slams the door and then speeds off in a huff of anger, and you just know the subsequent scene will inevitably show a terrible car accident, followed by a shot of the victim’s loved ones grieving. 
Upon first receiving your drivers’ license, you are understandably excited, yet nervous at the same time. Your inexperience behind the wheel will likely lead to accidents more often than for more experienced drivers. Below are some tips for you.