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A reasonable premium for one year: 60.500 VND/vehicle at or less than 55cc, 66.000 VND/vehicle over 55cc


High covered amount up to 150.000.000 VND


Buy online anywhere, anytime


The e-certificate will be sent to you immediately for online transaction


The high quality, fast and fair claim procedure

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  • Vehicle owners participating in traffic in the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Vehicle owners (business or individual) means the owner of a vehicle or be assigned to possess, legally use, and operate the vehicle by the owner 
  • Bodily injury and property damage by third party and vehicle
  • Disablement or injury of passengers due to accident 
Limit of Liability
  • Maximum amount at 150.000.000 VND/occurrence for people
  • Maximum amount at 50.000.000 VND/occurrence for property damage