• 2003: Liberty Mutual Insurance opened its first representative office in Hanoi, which marked its entrance into the Vietnamese market.
  • November 2006: Liberty Insurance was officially awarded the investment license to operate as a 100% U.S.-owned general insurer in Vietnam.
  • April 2007: Liberty Insurance started selling to foreign enterprises in Vietnam
  • January 11, 2008: Liberty Insurance was granted full access to customers in Vietnam.


  • Liberty Insurance is proud to be the first insurance company to set up and operate its own 24/7 Customer Service Center hotline.png which can address customer specific concerns and queries.
  • ​With hotline.png​ you can open the door to Liberty Insurance today where our team of professionals can happily assist you.
  • We have consistently led the insurance market in technical applications and process management to ensure superior services and to facilitate business processes and transactions.
  • In particular, we invest in attracting and retaining the best people so that they can provide you with the best products and services.​​​