Eat and drink appropriately when on holiday



Hygiene of food is an important issue for all of us. Even when we are out and about, and cannot be as careful as we are when at home, food hygiene should still be considered; for just a moment of carelessness can have grave consequences.
  • ​​Pay attention to what you eat: ​When you eat fruits, vegetables and melons, you must discard the peel. The exteriors of fruits, vegetables and melons are tainted by insecticide, and during the process of harvest and consumption, they can become infected with bacteria and parasites.
  • ​​​Be careful with every meal: You can be confident when eating at medium and high-end restaurants; however, at smaller restaurants, you have to be careful with your choices, and avoid eating at sidewalk stalls or hawker stands, if possible. While traveling, hunger is unavoidable, but you should not eat irresponsibly.
  • Distinguish between various levels of restaurant sanitation: Be sure to check for health certifications, safe water sources, disinfection devices, the quality of the ingredients, a lack of flies and other insects, cleaning supplies, a clean environment, and a separation between the circulation of food and money.
  • ​Do not overeat on boats and planes: Because you don’t have an opportunity to move about much on your journey, you will digest food at a slower rate. If you don’t limit your food intake, you would inevitably put a strain on your digestive system, causing much discomfort.
  • ​…Nor drink: When you feel thirsty while traveling, take the occasional sip of water or tea; you should not gulp down water to avoid upsetting the water – sodium balance in your body.​