How to deal with a car accident


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You are simply driving along when a vehicle driving in the wrong direction cuts you off and slams into your car. You turn the steering wheel and slam the brakes but… crash! The two vehicles slam into one another. Instead of hastily getting out to tell the other driver off and argue, the following guide will help you to resolve the situation in a more appropriate manner.

  1. ​Stay calm because you cannot change what has already happened. The most important thing to do at this point is to check if anyone is injured and to call 115 for medical assistance.
  2. Place a sign or a conspicuous object to signal to other vehicles on the road in order to avoid the possibility of any further accidents.
  3. Do not move the vehicle except to rescue any injured drivers or passengers, and make sure to call the local traffic police to report the accident.
  4. Immediately report the incident to your insurance company and follow their guidance.
  5. Note down all relevant information about the car and driver involved in the accident, and keep a copy of the driver's certificate of compulsory insurance for civil liability (Third Party Liability - TPL) and a copy of the police report to complete the claims process afterward.
  6. You should also take a photograph of the damaged car and the scene of the accident.
  7. An important point to remember is that you should not agree on any compensation with the driver causing the accident or the injured without first reporting back to your insurance company.
  8. You should also consider buying optional TPL insurance to have peace of mind concerning compensation in the case of an accident.