Driving in a distracted state

Driving in a distracted state.jpg

​​​How many times have you panicked and quickly slammed the brakes upon realizing that you had almost caused an accident? There are 3 main distracted states when driving, including: not concentrating on observing the road, releasing the steering wheel and not focusing on driving.

Around 80% of all traffic accidents are caused by drivers losing their concentration within the 3 seconds prior to an accident. It is distressing to realize that many people die behind the wheel just because they hadn't wanted to miss a phone call, or simply to pick up a fallen toy or tissue box.

According to research done by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (United States), the following are some of the leading causes of traffic accidents:

  • Driving drowsy (increases near-crash or crash risk by 4-6 times)
  • Engaging in secondary tasks requiring multiple steps or eye glances away from the forward roadway (2-3 times)
  • Reaching for moving objects (9 times)
  • Looking at an external object (3.7 times)
  • Reading (3.4 times)
  • Applying makeup (3 times)
  • Dialing a hand-held device (2.8 times)
  • Looking away from the forward roadway for long glances at inopportune moments (2 times)
  • Talking or listening to a hand-held device (1.3 times)